Data Centres

What’s Happening in Data Storage?

New technologies have sparked an explosion of data that differs from the data files handled by your IT department in the past. There is a vast amount of data and that’s why data storage is a priority for most IT teams today. Looking back at the past year, a number of steps were taken to address hyperscale data storage, including major improvements in utilisation, cost savings, management and more.

Hyper-Converged Systems – The Biggest Data Centre Trend

IDC estimates that the market for hyper-converged infrastructure is in a nascent state of development and penetration but that the opportunity for this market is quite significant. Hyper-converged infrastructure, although still an evolving technology, has been receiving increasing attention as a technology that can simplify the architecture of virtual environments at a low cost.

How To Survive a Data Centre Migration

Hands up those of you who have actually overseen a data centre migration. Our guess is that only a small percentage have because this is not something you’ll do every day, every year or even in every job. Whether you’re moving your data centre across the road or overseas or migrating multiple centres into one, migration can expose your business to significant risk. It requires thorough and rigorous planning to get it right.

How To Evaluate SDN Solutions

Earlier this year the Sydney Morning Herald commented that ‘Hyped as much as any enterprise technology in recent years, software defined networking (SDN) is moving from a "what is it?" to a "how do I do this?" phase.  And Australian organisations running large data centre networks should be investigating the technology for their own networks.’ The question is - how do you evaluate the myriad of options available?

Big Data – Big Decisions!

The IT industry loves a good buzz word and there is no bigger buzz word around at the moment than ‘Big Data’! Is it going to revolutionise the world as some people say or is it all just hype? Most people seem to agree that it is one of the most significant innovations in a long period of time and that it is going to transform our lives.


What is SDN – And Why It Matters

It’s hard to believe that Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a term that didn’t exist a few years ago because everybody seems to be talking about it now. SDN represents a new way of designing, building and managing networks and is on its way to transforming networking architecture.

The reality is that legacy networks are inundated with applications, traffic types and volumes putting many of them at breaking point. They just can’t cope with the demands placed on them with the advent of mobility, big data and server virtualisation.