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How To Successfully Prepare For SDN

It seems that we keep hearing about SDN all the time and, rightly so, because most experts agree that it has the potential to dramatically change the data center. Whilst Software Defined Networking (SDN) is forecast to take off in 2015 we recommend you take your time and do your homework carefully.  

In our blog post ‘What is SDN – And Why It Matters’  in April 2014 we explained that SDN represents a new way of designing, building and managing networks and is on its way to transforming networking architecture.

Steps For a Successful Office365 Migration

“The significant waves made by Office 365 are difficult to ignore, and its myriad benefits and application upgrades put pressure on IT departments. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s time for your organization to make the leap.” The well respected industry online journal Tech Target recently made this statement. With promises of cost savings, risk reduction, technical agility and easier management, it’s easy to see why companies are moving to Office365.

Great Tips To Optimise Exchange 2013

Experts agree that Microsoft Exchange 2013 version is a great tool that has been built to deliver the enterprise-grade security and reliability that your business requires. Your biggest challenge however is to ensure you have a fully functioning system running during peak business hours. Use these tips to help you optimise this great tool.

If you’re still running an earlier version of Exchange you may be wondering why you should upgrade. Take a look at a few of the highlights of Exchange 2013 over 2010 and you may change your mind:

What’s Happening in Data Storage?

New technologies have sparked an explosion of data that differs from the data files handled by your IT department in the past. There is a vast amount of data and that’s why data storage is a priority for most IT teams today. Looking back at the past year, a number of steps were taken to address hyperscale data storage, including major improvements in utilisation, cost savings, management and more.

Hyper-Converged Systems – The Biggest Data Centre Trend

IDC estimates that the market for hyper-converged infrastructure is in a nascent state of development and penetration but that the opportunity for this market is quite significant. Hyper-converged infrastructure, although still an evolving technology, has been receiving increasing attention as a technology that can simplify the architecture of virtual environments at a low cost.

7 Tips For Project Management Success

Want to avoid costly project management mistakes that cause delays and could potentially totally derail your project? The Standish Group reports that roughly two out of three IT projects are considered to be failures suffering from total failure, cost overruns, time overruns, or a rollout with fewer features or functions than promised. Make sure yours aren’t by following these 7 tips.