Do you know how much you spend on printing?

It’s probably safe to say that the cost of printing is one of those areas that doesn’t get much attention. Do you know how much you spent on printing in the last financial year? Do you know how many devices you have in your organisation devoted to print? The reality is that printing could be costing you a lot more money than you need to spend. Outsourcing your print management can provide you with many benefits.

Print Management Benefits:

  • Optimises print + copy availability
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves the range of printing services
  • Boosts operational efficiency
  • Provides a better understanding of printing costs
  • Increases user satisfaction
  • Frees up administration and IT Resources

Print Management covers all hardware, maintenance and consumables related to copying, scanning, printing and faxing. Managed print will monitor and track your print and copying devices over a set period of time and identify changes that can be implemented in order to deliver cost savings and increase your operational efficiency.

Many organisations focus solely on the cost of the hardware when trying to cut costs. However, the reality is that the true cost of printing has little to do with the actual cost of the devices themselves. It’s actually related to the cost of each page and the on-going cost of consumables that are required to keep the devices functioning. Our print management service will analyse all these areas of your business to determine where you can make cost savings and increase efficiencies.

How We Help You:

  • Audit current print environment and needs
  • Recommend workflow solutions to avoid printing
  • Develop a device consolidation strategy to optimise utilisation
  • Transition your organisation without impacting performance
  • Regularly analyse usage and recommend improvements
  • Provide scheduled service calls and preventative maintenance
  • Recommend and supply affordable consumables
  • Deliver monthly usage based invoicing
  • Monitor services against your  business requirements
  • Provide proactive advice + suggestions
  • Keep you abreast of new technologies + techniques

Advantage Technology Solutions will enable your business to reach its full potential by identifying, implementing and supporting the most appropriate technology to meet your organisational objectives.

Our goal is to align technology with your business needs.