Purchase the most appropriate products for your needs

We can help you with all your hardware, software and licensing requirements and ensure that you get the right products at the most competitive prices. To save you time, money and effort, we maintain close relationships with all of the key vendors. This enables us to recommend the most appropriate options to assist with your requirements.

We know that not everyone has the same needs, so we offer 2 types of service:

1. Self-Service

You know exactly what you want, don’t require any advice and just want to place an order as quickly as possible.

> Email us your order

2. Concierge Service

If you’re not quite sure what hardware or software is appropriate for your needs and would like some assistance and advice, our experienced team can:

  • Conduct an audit to determine what you have and what you need
  • Offer unbiased advice
  • Recommend the most appropriate solution
  • Determine the best licencing arrangements
  • Negotiate the most competitive prices
  • Place + monitor the orders
  • Configure + install all products
  • Offer a maintenance service (See our managed services)

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Speak to us for all your procurement needs:

  • Desktops/Laptops/Tablets
  • Printers
  • Accessories
  • System Components
  • Cables
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Software licencing
  • Networking Gear
  • Consumables

Visit our Partners page for more information about the vendors we work closely with.