Once disaster hits, it’s already too late

Too many organisations put off backup and recovery planning until they have a data loss. However, business protection is one of the most important factors in the success and sustainability of your business and requires careful thought and planning. Advantage Technology Solutions understands that you don’t have the luxury of being “down” for hours in the event of a disaster and will ensure that your business is protected.

How we help you:

  • Prioritise data according to business needs
  • Determine how quickly each category of data needs to be recovered
  • Recommend where the data is to be recovered (eg. second site or hosted storage)
  • Enable better automation with advanced technology (eg. data replication or continuous data protection)
  • Plan how to return operations to normal for permanent recovery
  • Implement scalable solutions that grow with your business

Business protection is something that needs to be customised for each business so that it fits your specific needs in terms of keeping your data safe, making sure your networks are secure and ensuring that relevant applications are available. We’ll audit and assess your business needs and then consider the hardware, software and services available that will provide you with the right level of protection.

The impact of latest technologies

The rapid pace of business and technological changes coupled with increasing performance expectations from customers, employees and management apply constant pressure on IT infrastructures and supporting teams to provide around-the-clock availability and minimise planned and unplanned disruptions.

The latest technologies such as virtualisation, cloud computing, mobile devices and social networks are enabling enterprises to:

  • Increase data storage capabilities
  • Become agile
  • Communicate more efficiently  
  • Improve business resilience

After assessing your particular requirements, we’ll recommend which technologies can be leveraged to improve your business protection capabilities.

Your business continuity will also be reliant on the type and level of security that you have in place. Visit our Security page for more information about how we can help you in this area.

Advantage Technology Solutions will enable your business to reach its full potential by identifying, implementing and supporting the most appropriate technology to meet your organisational objectives.

Our goal is to align technology with your business needs.