We help busy clients to plan and budget for the future with confidence

As your business grows and evolves, it is important that your IT strategy evolves with it. We partner with clients to identify opportunities for improvement, plan for the future and to manage change. Working with IT decision makers we look at how technology can improve your current and future business performance. Our process is rigorous and designed to ensure that your IT strategies are aligned with your business objectives.

Our consulting process involves:

  • Speaking to key stakeholders
  • Gaining an understanding of your business
  • Determining your business requirements
  • Establishing the project objectives
  • Assessing relevant options
  • Recommending the optimum solution
  • Implementing the solution with minimal disruption

Managing and delivering crucial IT projects is a commitment that we take very seriously. Not only is it important that the solution works and is implemented on time. It is also important to ensure that the solution sits comfortably with existing infrastructure and processes.

How we help you:

  • Evaluate IT infrastructure for existing or potential issues
  • Understand future IT requirements and recommend a Technology Roadmap
  • Provide simple upgrades or major network improvements
  • Recommend additional functionality to improve efficiency
  • Plan + implement a new IT initiative
  • Analyse critical IT investment decisions

For more information about specific technologies visit our Virtualisation, Cloud or Mobility pages.

Advantage Technology Solutions will enable your business to reach its full potential by identifying, implementing and supporting the most appropriate technology to meet your organisational objectives.

Our goal is to align technology with your business needs.