Mobility is transforming how companies are run today

There is no doubt that mobility has had a profound impact on the way organisations operate. Game-changing mobility technology promises to revolutionise business even further in the future.

Mobility Benefits:

  • Leads to workforce productivity gains
  • Enhances employee engagement
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increases staff responsiveness
  • Optimises business processes
  • Reduces IT costs
  • Supports effective customer engagement

Whilst mobility will continue to transform the way people and organisations work, it also brings with it new business risks that need to be addressed.  Welcome to the world of acronyms – BYOD (Bring your own devices), MDM (Mobile Device Management), BYOA (Bring your own apps), MAM (Mobile Application Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management). These are just a few of the challenges that you may be grappling with at the moment!

Mobility lets your employees and customers access each other and vital information anytime and anywhere. Effective mobility integration will allow you to deliver files, apps and desktops to any device, over any connection whilst maintaining efficient security and data protection. By focusing on the technologies you already use and integrating these technologies with new mobile solutions, we can add substantial value to your mobility strategy.

How we help you:

  • Devise appropriate security measures to protect data + devices
  • Establish rigorous monitoring practices
  • Recommend a Mobile Device Management program
  • Optimise business applications for mobile usage by utilising the cloud
  • Determine how to integrate mobility into current IT strategies
  • Provide solutions that integrate all devices into a consistent experience
  • Explore + implement the appropriate virtualisation solutions

Advantage Technology Solutions will enable your business to reach its full potential by identifying, implementing and supporting the most appropriate technology to meet your organisational objectives.

Our goal is to align technology with your business needs.