The security landscape has changed

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and is significantly transforming IT infrastructures and the way your organisation uses them. These transformations have generated an array of difficulties and challenges that can adversely affect your organisation’s security:

  • A new breed of sophisticated viruses that exploit vulnerabilities
  • An increasing diversity of devices + operating platforms
  • The growth in social media, cloud computing + mobility
  • Rapid growth of digital data which is exploding exponentially

The growth in complexity means that a system vulnerability such as an unpatched application or new device on the network can be overlooked and cause a major security issue. The reality is that some IT security solutions can exacerbate exactly these sort of problems. In many cases security solutions are customised for specific problems/issues and the solutions don’t talk to each other or work well together. Security gaps can thus easily occur.

Does your security system:

  • Block unwanted traffic in real time without compromising good traffic?
  • Allow corporate policy to choose what applications should be used in the organisation?
  • Filter without slowing down your network or business applications?
  • Protect your network perimeter as well as key points in the network core?
  • Provide the latest vulnerability filters?
  • Protect and alert your organisations to any internal or external malicious attacks?

For maximum protection and the ability to make informed decisions you require real-time analysis and information about security events. You need a solution that enables you to quickly and accurately determine which of the events constitute critical events and security anomalies. The ultimate goal is to implement an integrated security solution that can anticipate and prevent threats, wherever and whenever they occur.

How we help you:

  • Assess  security vulnerabilities from external and internal points
  • Develop and implement an end to end security  strategy
  • Improve detection and reaction time to security incidents
  • Mitigate compliance risk and manage compliance requirements
  • Protect your network in the face of increasing mobility
  • Defend your infrastructure from cyber attack

Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant you are, there is always the possibility that a sophisticated virus enters your system undetected. Do you have the right back-up and data protection in place in case disaster hits? Visit our Business Protection page for more information on how to ensure your data is safe.

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Our goal is to align technology with your business needs.